Outbound: Going Off the Grid as a Team

Annual Outbound Experience

Your Acumen Council Group goes “off the grid” once a year to shed their daily obligations and “get away from it all” to share in an adventure that’s sure to inspire, amuse and create lifetime memories. It’s a great way to solidify the group while also creating deeper individual relationships. 

What Members Are Saying

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"What’s impacted me the most about Acumen is the camaraderie of business owners, CEOs, and executives, who have experienced day-to-day problems and issues that we’ve all experienced.”

Scott Gulledge
CEO, Pivotal Health Care
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I’ve really loved the relationships that I’ve built. I’ve also found a ton of value in the one-on-one coaching that provides great accountability. It’s a chance to vent frustrations, as well as very focused problem-solving.

Travis Carpenter
President, Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecure

Going Off The Grid

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