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Growth Of Business, Profitability and Leadership Effectiveness

“The Acumen community has been an invaluable resource for me personally and the key leaders of our firm. The DNA of what makes Acumen unique around the notion of a “higher standard” can be found throughout our organization and leadership approach. The unique combination of competence and confidentiality with a group of high-performing peers is a catalyst. The affinity model aligns me with like-minded owners.”

Case Dorman, CEO, Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue

Wise Counsel, Acceptance, Confidentiality & Safety Of Impartiality


“The major difference I’ve experienced [with Acumen] is the authenticity, transparency, and ‘get-real’ factor. We share a common belief system and that makes an incredible difference in the connectedness and counsel of our team — the stakes are higher! It’s a high-performing team for a much Higher reason!”

Jon Schram, The Purple Guys

A Bigger, Clearer Vision For The Battle Ahead


“Being challenged by a group of other leaders month, with key performance indicators and holding each other accountable, has made me a better leader. And it’s helped me transition my team into better leaders. Leadership at our company is now an activity rather than a position. I travel in from Florida for Council each month – the newer guys have asked me why I do that… it’s because Acumen is such an impactful part of my life that I wouldn’t miss it.”

Bob Meyers, President & CEO, iTedium

Catalytic Growth For You, Your Faith, Your Family & Business


“After every meeting, I come back with an extensive list of things that can share with the team. The ROI for Acumen has been significant. For the distinct roles I play; child of Christ, husband, father, and business leader – the group helped me keep appropriate priorities. I feel like I’m so much better in each of those roles – as a result of my time with Acumen.”

Todd Pleimann, Managing Partner, RubinBrown

To Be A Better Boss


“My group has been like a board of directors. I know I’ll get objective opinions, and that every single individual cares about me and my success. Advice without personal agendas, and consistent with my faith, is rare and valuable. Nuts & Bolts has transitioned significantly in the past two years and I largely credit the group for that success.”

Tim Haake, President, Nuts & Bolts Hardware

Integration Of Faith And Commerce For Greatest Impact And Legacy


“The ROI for me and my business has been tremendous. Our firm continues to grow at record levels and the wisdom and insight provided by my fellow advisors has been a catalyst for not only our growth, but my maturity and effectiveness as a leader. I realize now that ROI doesn’t just mean “investment” it also means “influence.” I realize more than ever that my business is an incredible platform for influence!”

Dustin Doll, CEO, Accord Group

Andrew Stafford, President, Prevail Innovative Wealth Strategies


“After implementing ideas incubated in Acumen in our previous organization, we had the best quarter in 30 years. From an ROI standpoint, Acumen was really making an impact. As we started our new organization, we deemed our investment in Acumen for our leaders a critical and necessary line item, even in our startup budget. The return on investment is multiple from a financial standpoint – but also important to think about the strong ROI for me personally and those who I impact.”

Andrew Stafford, President, Prevail Innovative Wealth Strategies

Scott Gulledge, CEO, Pivotal Health Care


“Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” That’s what Acumen is all about. We’re always sharpening each other’s ideas – and it’s not just business, it’s business for the Christian believer.When Drew called, I would say “I don’t have the time, I can’t make the time, my work is 24/7”. He patiently told me “You can’t afford not to make the time.” Finally, I joined. Now, when I’m ready for the next meeting, it’s often still three weeks away!”

Scott Gulledge, CEO, Pivotal Health Care

Travis Carpenter, President, Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue


“It’s encouraging and motivating to know how many others are going through the same challenges and opportunities that I encounter daily. If you question whether you have time for Acumen, that’s overwhelming confirmation that you need something like Acumen. Every session I come away with four or five that either confirm what I was thinking, save me from making big mistakes, or bring attention to something that wasn’t even on my radar. The ROI is easily ten times the investment.”

Travis Carpenter, President, Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue

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