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Always Add Value: When "Retired" is the Wrong Word

Our desire to add value to the world doesn't just vanish after we exit the business leadership seat. So what can a meaningfully productive retirement look like? Dan Cooper interviews Augie Grasis about his experience in this episode of the Sharpen Podcast.

When Hiring Out Your Weaknesses Goes Wrong

Steve Van Diest interviews Justin Donat about his experience of twisting the classic business advice, "Hire out of your weaknesses," in negative ways.

The Future of AI: A Practical Perspective

Join Dan Cooper and Roper DeGarmo for a frank discussion of AI and its practical applications in the world of business leadership.

The Marketing Intersection: Bottom Lines, AI, and the Companies That Predict the Future

How can you ensure your marketing team is directly impacting the bottom line? What are the best and most profitable applications of AI in the marketing sphere? Robin Emiliani, Co-Founder & CMGO at Catalyst Marketing Agency, explores these questions and more in this insightful conversation with our co-host, Steve Van Diest.

Setting the Table for the Next Generation

Sean Miller, Chairman of the Miller Group, dives into succession planning, values-based business leadership, and how to set a company's next generation of leaders up for success in this insightful conversation with Acumen CEO Dan Cooper.

The Sharpen Podcast

Acumen is a community of business leaders dedicated to sharpening, challenging, and inspiring you to take your leadership to the next level. The Sharpen Podcast is hosted by Acumen CEO Dan Cooper and Acumen's Front Range President Steve Van Diest, who aim to bring stories of leadership and practical wisdom to the community through reflective and action-oriented learning conversations with its own partners.


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