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Challenge Your Status Quo

Your job as a leader is now more complex than ever. The expectations are that you have the skills and expertise to serve your employees, partners, and vendors in an extremely wide range of skills: Strategist, Visionary, Technologist, Innovator, Change Agent, Relationship Manager, Conflict Resolver, Mentor, and Motivator. These expectations can become overwhelming and a hard road to travel alone.

What is Coaching?

In coaching, we come along side CEOs, Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Executives to help you grow in a thought provoking and creative process to maximize your personal and professional potential. Coaching uses concepts and tools from both consulting and therapy but unlike those practices, focuses on the future and fosters self-discovery to improve performance.

You need to be able to break through plateaus, challenge yourself, have your answers questioned, and be held accountable – all while raising the bar on who you are as a leader, executive, and person all while driving bold performance in the organization.

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How Coaching Works

  • Coaching relationships begin with assessments to understand who you are and where you are today.
  • A customized program will then be created from agreed upon goals.
  • Interactions can be face-to-face, via telephone, or online video conference.

The ROI of Coaching

Right up front: You will get nothing out of coaching if you are not highly motivated to learn and grow which may take change.

When open:

  • You can seek to understand and articulate your values, strengths, and personal style.
  • You will gain clarity about your purpose and direction for you and your business.
  • You will be able to see around your blind spots and become a better boss, leader, spouse, and parent.
  • That all translates into being more productive, a better decision maker, more confident in taking or not taking action, better relationships, reduced conflict, and able to articulate your Why.
Any athlete, any person that wants to perform at a high level has a coach. Acumen provides me with an individual coach that can walk through how I’ve been doing, where I want to go and the steps that I should be taking in order to get there.”
Sean Miller
CEO, Robert E. Miller Group
I don’t know what I would do without Acumen. I have been involved in it for a couple years and it’s just filled the (leadership) void for me.”
Mike Strouse
CEO, Goodlife Innovations

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  • Determining if you are qualified as a candidate for one of the unique affinity-centric Acumen teams.
  • Interested in learning more about the unique Acumen approach and model.
  • Determining if you are qualified to become a growth catalyst to help business owners and CEO’s maximize their leadership impact.

Jon Schram

Growth Catalyst - Kansas City

Click here to learn more about Jon.

Jon is a husband to his wife Jill, a dad to Gracie, Cooper and Lucy and an unintentional serial entrepreneur.  Jon founded and led one of KC’s leading IT Support companies (The Purple Guys), regularly recognized on the Inc. 5000 list, the Corporate Report’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, a Best Place to Work and being one of the KC Chamber Top 10 Small Businesses of the Year. Before that, he founded and grew an IT Staffing firm, growing from $0 to $10M in revenue in just 4 years, being recognized as Kansas City’s Fastest Growing Company. He’s passionate about leadership and businesses that impact their community. From experience he also understands the issues of an owner/CEO. Jon is an entrepreneur who likes to empower others to grow their business, become more efficient in all they do and enrich their story line. He has been a member of the Acumen community since its inception. 

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