We’ve Designed The Acumen Experience To Challenge You, Cultivate Your Company And Drive Big, Brave Growth.


Acumen ignites a Higher Standard of CEO influence and business impact. The Acumen platform delivers dynamic resources that sharpen, inspire, and challenge leadership effectiveness and organizational performance.


Your Acumen Council meets once a month, so you’re developing relationships and discussing strategy on an ongoing basis. It’s an intensive council, with roots in strategy, tactics, and real world execution. Growth is a natural outcome.

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Also once a month, Acumen partners receive one-on-one executive coaching: We’ve crafted these sessions to challenge you not just professionally, but personally too.

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Every quarter, Acumen partners engage in an Advance Leadership Workshop with industry leading experts. This includes the entire Acumen community and can include key leaders from your team.

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Hear how Acumen impacts our partners and their business


Sharpen: A Guidebook for Business Ownership and Adventures in Leadership

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 “As a business leader, I have hungered for wisdom in many circumstances. Proverbs provides it. Dan and Drew bring to life this ageless guide, and how you can lead conscientiously and courageously so that your company can flourish and perform. Take it with you to work!”

– Cheryl Bachelder, Former CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Board Member at Pier One, Chick-fil-A, and Procter & Gamble, and author of Dare to Serve

Our Clients


“After every meeting, I come back with an extensive list of things that can share with the team. The ROI for Acumen has been significant. The distinct roles I play; child of Christ, husband, father, and business leader – the group helped me keep appropriate priorities. I feel like I’m so much better in each of those roles that I serve and that directly becomes the result of my time with Acumen.”
Todd Pleimann, Managing Partner, RubinBrown

“After implementing ideas incubated in Acumen in our previous organization, we had the best quarter in 30 years. From an ROI standpoint, Acumen was really making an impact. As we started our new organization, we deemed our investment in Acumen for our leaders a critical and necessary line item, even in our startup budget. The return on investment is multiple from a financial standpoint – but also important to think about the strong ROI for me personally and those who I impact.”

Andrew Stafford, President, Prevail Innovative Wealth Strategies

“Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” That’s what Acumen is all about. We’re always sharpening each other’s ideas – and it’s not just business, it’s business for the Christian believer.When Drew called, I would say “I don’t have the time, I can’t make the time, my work is 24/7”. He patiently told me “You can’t afford not to make the time.” Finally, I joined. Now, when I’m ready for the next meeting, it’s often still three weeks away!”

Scott Gulledge, CEO, Pivotal Health Care
“It’s encouraging and motivating to know how many others are going through the same challenges and opportunities that I encounter daily. If you question whether you have time for Acumen, that’s overwhelming confirmation that you need something like Acumen. Every session I come away with four or five that either confirm what I was thinking, save me from making big mistakes, or bring attention to something that wasn’t even on my radar. The ROI is easily ten times the investment.”
Travis Carpenter, President, Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue

“Acumen affected my business most by providing the objectivity of other business leaders both on the business and personal level. We get a little bit isolated in our industry and having the broad perspective of other business owners just been very helpful. I find it very easy to make time for Acumen – it’s at least one day a month that I’m focusing on the business and not working in the business. The biggest ROI – as a business owner, typically you’re not accountable to many people but getting the team’s constructive, well-intentioned feedback is invaluable.”

Bob Parker, Managing Partner, TPP Certified Public Accountants

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