Why Acumen?

Because There Is More.

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Acumen’s founder and principals — Drew and Dan — we are and have been lifelong entreprenuers/business owners/CEOs (still are). Different companies, different industries, but we each felt keenly the challenges and advantages that come with the territory: the isolation, the influence, the desire to make an impact.

There were times when each of us thought, “Wait, why am I doing this? What’s the purpose here? Sure, the compensation for our labor doesn’t hurt and is rewarding. But there’s more, right?”

Other times, we were hit with a problem so big or so complex that we didn’t know where to turn or what steps to take. Where was the CEO and owner playbook? Who had the answers we didn’t have? “Not Knowing” can be an expensive, costly and game changing predicament. We both have deep scar tissue to show for it!

And so (we’re cutting the story short here), we started Acumen.

“Acumen will give your business an advantage that you’re not going to find out there in the marketplace. By partnering with CEOs and business owners that have been through the good, bad, and the ugly of growing a business you’ll get wisdom, knowledge, and guidance to solve your toughest challenges and maximize your biggest opportunities.”

Case Dorman, CEO, Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue

We’ve helped these great organizations sharpen their edge.

Why Acumen?
Because There Is More.

In your role as a CEO and/or owner, you have the things we did: the platform from which to direct, inspire and propel the growth of your company and people.

But along with those things, you may have the exact questions we did:

  • How can you overcome isolation and find peers who get the exact spot you’re in, and who understand your challenges, your frustrations, and your triumphs?

  • Where can you be inspired and get new ideas and push beyond plateaus?

  • Is there such a thing as a confidential place where you can share and get answers to pressing business and life questions?

  • Where you can be held accountable to making growth and change happen?

  • How do you leverage your platform and influence in ways that are true to you, to your beliefs and values?

  • How do you stick to that truth, and get sharper in your vision and strategies, rather than getting weighed down?

  • Is there a way to lead with intention? Is there a purpose in all this?

  • Oh, and, by the way, where’s the fun?

This is where Acumen comes in.


We’re not just talking about company growth, although that’s a big part of it. We’re also talking about your growth, as a person: a leader, family member, and community member.


Find fulfillment in a self-absorbed world, and help others do the same. Realize the greater, higher purpose that you know is out there when your way to intention has renewed clarity and definition. Find that fire and stoke it.


Find unifying, sometimes electrifying, connection and affinity with other CEOs and owners whose businesses are in similar seasons with similar characteristics, including revenue, size, competency and demographics.


Bring your values, virtues, beliefs and principles to the table. Be part of an Acumen team that believes the same things you do: that how we live, lead and serve has meaning for today — and for the great beyond.

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in your business, community and life.

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