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Are you an adventurous CEO or owner looking to learn, be challenged, and find unparalleled growth? You know that old-school networking won’t help you make soul-searching business decisions or dial in solutions for growth.

So where do you turn to sharpen your edge? To the kind of catalytic community of other inspiring, bold leaders only found within Acumen.

  • Not Networking — Meaningful connections with other CEOs and owners.

  • High-Performing — Actionable business insights, accountability, and wisdom.

  • Refreshing & Inspiring — An atmosphere where fun and values co-exist.

“Acumen will give your business an advantage that you’re not going to find out there in the marketplace. Partnering with other CEOs and business owners that have been through the good, the bad, and the ugly of growing a business has been an invaluable resource for me.”

Case Dorman, Owner, Jack Stack BBQ

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Our catalytic communities unify owners and CEOs whose businesses have similar life-stages and life-cycles.


Heighten your impact and overall success in every area — from the professional to the personal.


Find connections with others who seek to lead, serve, have fun with purpose, and reflect your values.

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