And Now, Back to Our Show

One of the leaders of our teams had a “NoVid” party. It’s like they were saying, “OK, we’re done, let’s get back to the regularly scheduled show!” We can see the pace of business returning yet with a different flavor. In some spots, it’s a slow leak. In others, it’s a full-on fire hose. What’s …

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In our house, we call the month of May, Mayhem. It’s the end of school, the middle of the 2nd quarter, the rainy season, and the edge of summer. Both home and work serve up mayhem – good and evil. Mayhem has been faithful to its definition this year. Thankfully it’s over. What happened this …

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Do They Trust You?

Do they trust you? Asked another way, would you follow you? What would your team say if I asked your team if they trust you? The absence of trust is the bottom layer in Patrick Lencioni’s triangle and book,  5 Dysfunctions of a Team. It’s because, without trust, you can’t lean into conflict, commitment, accountability, …

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