Drew Hiss

Drew is CEO+Growth Catalyst for Acumen, a business owner community that exists to sharpen, challenge, and inspire CEOs and Owners through affinity-centric advisory teams, executive coaching, and leadership acceleration workshops.

Drew Hiss

Would You Follow You?

The recent write up my business partner, Dan Cooper lobbed out there entitled “All Entrepreneurs Are Liars,” hurt, didn’t it? I talked to a handful of entrepreneurs who bristled when they first read that headline, but after reading it enjoyed the insight, challenge, and perspective it offered. That article reignited a question I’ve been pondering. Would you …

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Left Behind

Our firm’s office lease was due to expire in about six months, so we began the process of evaluating new office space. I distinctly remember walking into a vacant space that we were considering. The space had a reception area that had lock-off functionality from the main office. The real estate broker knew that we …

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To Owners Who Want to Offer Equity: Owner Beware!

TO OWNERS WHO WANT TO OFFER EQUITY: OWNER BEWARE! We had yet another discussion in a monthly Acumen team regarding a strained partnership. It was a classic case of miscommunication, false expectation, finger-pointing, lack of communication, clarity, and uneven value working in the business. Equity ownership shouldn’t be taken lightly. My business partner (notice the …

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Guard Your Heart

Solitude>Gratitude>Attitude>Altitude. In my previous write up, I confessed that I didn’t have an attitude switch… and that if I sought “altitude”, a healthy attitude would be essential. Hoping by now that you are beginning to soar and that you are experiencing new levels of “altitude“ in your life, heart, and soul! If you haven’t figured out …

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Jon Schram

Growth Catalyst - Kansas City

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Jon is a husband to his wife Jill, a dad to Gracie, Cooper and Lucy and an unintentional serial entrepreneur.  Jon founded and led one of KC’s leading IT Support companies (The Purple Guys), regularly recognized on the Inc. 5000 list, the Corporate Report’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, a Best Place to Work and being one of the KC Chamber Top 10 Small Businesses of the Year. Before that, he founded and grew an IT Staffing firm, growing from $0 to $10M in revenue in just 4 years, being recognized as Kansas City’s Fastest Growing Company. He’s passionate about leadership and businesses that impact their community. From experience he also understands the issues of an owner/CEO. Jon is an entrepreneur who likes to empower others to grow their business, become more efficient in all they do and enrich their story line. He has been a member of the Acumen community since its inception. 

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