The Acumen Distinctives

  • Acumen is COMMUNITY.

    It may be lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be. We facilitate camaraderie among industry leaders who want to sharpen each other, genuinely connecting and engaging to grow stronger together.

  • Acumen is a place for CHALLENGE.

    Our mastermind groups are places for growth-oriented CEOs and Owners. If where you’re at today isn’t good enough, and you thrive when pushed to new heights, then the mastermind groups of Acumen could be a fit for you.

  • Acumen is for people of PASSION.

    Every member of Acumen has a drive to leave a profound legacy, making a lasting mark as a business and community leader.

  • Acumen is for CEOs and Owners who seek RESULTS.

    We’re not a place for triage, for sunsetting, for closing up shop. Acumen is designed for businesses seeking to be at the top of their game, at the intersection of growth and performance. Acumen is a place for people who want their companies to grow quickly and sustainably. In fact, results are our promise: Acumen guarantees a 10x ROI. If not, 100% of annual fees are refunded after your first year.

  • Acumen is rooted in PURPOSE.

    Every Acumen group is composed of CEOs and Owners who believe that HOW we live our lives, lead and serve others has meaning and purpose for today and for the great beyond. Far from perfect, we are men and women who claim Jesus Christ as our Savior. We aspire to lead a life of purpose in our businesses, our communities and our families.

I find great value in this community of fellow business owners who I share values with. Acumen is so healthy for me as it forces me to break away from the "Lone Ranger" routine and lean into the realities of my life and business. My employees and key leaders have commented on the positive impact it's had on me as a leader.

Roger Strickland, Strickland Construction & Attic Management Group

“The Acumen community has been an invaluable resource for me personally and the key leaders of our firm. The DNA of what makes Acumen unique around the notion of a "higher standard" can be found throughout our organization and leadership approach. The unique combination of competence and confidentiality with a group of high-performing peers is a catalyst for greater leadership effectiveness. The affinity model aligns me with like-minded owners who share similar attributes and challenges.”

Case Dorman, Jack Stack BBQ​