Acumen Platform

We’ve designed the Acumen experience to challenge you, cultivate your company and drive big, brave growth:

Acumen Platform

Acumen sets a higher standard for CEO influence and business impact. The platform offers dynamic resources that sharpen, inspire, and challenge leadership effectiveness and organizational performance.
Acumen Platform
Acumen monthly COUNCIL.

Your Acumen Council meets once a month, so you’re developing relationships and discussing strategy on an ongoing basis. It’s an intensive council, with roots in strategy, tactics, and real world execution. Growth is a natural outcome.

One-on-one DEBRIEF.

Also once a month, Acumen partners receive one-on-one executive coaching: We’ve crafted these sessions to challenge you not just professionally, but personally too.

Advance Workshop

Every quarter, Acumen partners engage in an Advanced Leadership Workshop with industry leading experts. This includes the entire Acumen community and can include key leaders from your team.

Organizational Health

Once engaged, Acumen administers a company assessment on the Six Capacities of High Performing Organizations. This assessment identifies the challenges and opportunities you are facing and creates an action plan.

Opportunities to CONNECT.

Each quarter you will meet and create relationships with over 50 Owners, CEOs, and leaders in the Kansas City area in an authentic environment. You will create relationships and connections that forward your business and life.


Annually, the Outbound Leadership Adventure Experience pushes you further and helps you grow as a leader.

Special ENRICHMENT events.

There is more to life than just work. Each year special events are held to enrich your most precious relationships with spouses and family.


Acumen Affinity

Our affinity-centric approach creates a community that’s both an advisory board and a peer group. In combining the best of both, Acumen unifies professionals whose businesses are in similar seasons and have similar characteristics, like revenue, employees, locations, competency and demographic similarities.



The Results?

The Acumen model bolsters your inspiration and creativity, helping you lead with greater confidence. With clarity of vision, Acumen partners make better decisions — leading to stronger results.

The ROI for me and my business has been tremendous. Our firm continues to grow at record levels and the wisdom and insight provided by my fellow advisors has been a catalyst for not only our growth, but my maturity and effectiveness as a leader of people. I realize now that ROI doesn't just mean "investment" it also means “influence.” I realize more than ever that my business is an incredible platform for influence!

Dustin Doll, DHI Roofing and Siding